Everyone deserves one good job.

Residents deserve one good job that pays a living wage, has good benefits, and allows them to enjoy time with their families and take advantage of all Columbus has to offer.


“When working people can have one good paying job they are able to spend more time with their families, participate in the community, and contribute to the local economy.”

— Liliana Rivera Baiman

Columbus can be a leader in progressive jobs policies. Official unemployment rates don’t tell the whole story. One Good Job means strong unions, higher wages, better benefits, paid parental leave, universal childcare, and more. We believe that city policy should encourage one good job for every Columbus resident, including raising the minimum wage, community benefits agreements and union neutrality agreements on incentivized projects, expansion of good jobs through insourcing and expansion of city public services, and significant penalties for employers who commit wage theft.

  • The living wage for a family of five in Franklin County is $17.57. Ohio minimum wage is $8.55. 

  • Union-busting on partially city-funded projects such as Nationwide arena and the Hilton hotel expansion has gone on within the last year with the full knowledge of city council. To date there have been no consequences for the employers.

  • The cost of outsourced municipal services have increased dramatically. For example, the cost of Rumpke’s curbside recycling and yard waste collection contract with the city has increased by 50% in five years. Instead of overpaying for low-wage non-union jobs, we should insource these services and create good family-sustaining city jobs.


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