Columbus can work for all of us.

Our city is growing and we won’t leave people behind. A Columbus We Can Live In means strong tenants’ rights, protecting elderly residents, access to affordable housing, a holistic approach to homelessness, and prioritizing working families over developers.


“When large companies and developers do business in our city we expect them to give back to our communities.”

— Liliana Rivera Baiman

We believe that tax abatements have a record of success for big developers and wealthy corporations, and a record of failure for working families. Abatements and other incentives need much stricter scrutiny. Abatements drain our city budget and public schools of much-needed funding, and should not go to wealthy corporations who don’t need them. Development incentives need to be undertaken with more concern for the long-term impacts on communities. $15 wages for job creation/retention is a starting point but does not go far enough. They should include benefits, PTO, paid leave policies for employees, and Community Benefit Agreements.

  • A recent study cited by Policy Matters shows that *at least* 75% of the time companies would make the exact same location decisions without an abatement.

  • The taxable value of abated property in Franklin County alone was over $3.2 BILLION in Tax Year 2017.

  • We need to require a higher percentage of housing that is actually affordable for those who need it most.

  • Example: CoverMyMeds abatement will cost Columbus schools more than $35.5 million over the course of their 15 year abatement. CoverMyMeds is a subsidiary of McKesson, the 6th most profitable company in the United States and a huge contributor to the opioid crisis.

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